7 Reasons Eco-Colour Notice Boards Should be Your Board of Choice

If you're about to purchase notice boards read this first, and in particular, read reason 7!

1. Eco-Friendly Product

Eco-colour pinnable boards are made entirely from recycled and recyclable materials so by investing in these you are helping the planet!

2. Fire-Resistant

Independently tested and classified as class B according to EU Reaction to Fire test BS EN 13501-1, Eco-colour boards meet public area building regulations. This means these boards are suitable for mounting in sensitive areas such as corridors, stairways and entrances as well as normal areas such as classrooms and meeting rooms so there’s no need to buy two types, you can confidently put Eco-colour boards everywhere!!

3. Acoustic Properties

Eco-colour notice boards aid the reduction of noise levels in busy environments. I could bore you here with the proper jargon and tell you that they have an audio frequency bandwidth N.R.C that reaches more than 0.8 (yawn) but really all you need to know is that they are great for creating acoustic wall features by mounting frameless boards side by side.

4. Durable

Eco-colour boards are ‘self-healing’ so when you remove pins, the holes they made close up. Regular notice board cores cannot do this and over time and lots of pins the board core starts to disintegrate. Eco-colour boards will therefore last much longer.

5. Wide Choice of Colours

Available in 11 popular colours to suit any environment so you’re sure to find one that suits you. Our new natural and grey coloured boards may be particularly suitable for educational settings that prefer a more neutral coloured décor. Invest in these and the days of covering boards with hessian are over!

6. Easy to Install

Easy through the board portrait or landscape mounting. Instructions and fixings provided.

7. Great Price!

Only marginally more expensive than the cheapest felt covered boards but offering so much more.


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